Reliable rotational molding service since 1999. We are not the supplier,we are the best partner.

Succeed Projects

Water Tank

Plastic Water Tank

Plastic Water Tanks main purpose is storing water.

ATV Box 1


ATV Box is equipped at the end of ATV vehicle.

Kayak 1


Kayak is made by rotational molding process.

Blower Housing

Blower Housing

Blower Housing provides the protection for blower.

Cleaning Machine Housing C

Cleaning Machine Housing

Cleaning Machine Housing is hollow and made up of LLDPE.

Military Equipment Box

Military Box

Military Box is military equipment.

Why us?

One-Stop Service

We have two workshops,one for mold building,the other for rotational molding process.

Advanced Equipments

Most of our machines and equipments are imported from abroad.

Imported Material

Our main material LLDPE is impoted from Thailand.

Competitive Pricing

China is a big export country and have better policy to support export business in order to provide competitive pricing for customers.

20 Years Experience

Our factory is established on 1997,our factory has 20 years experience in manufacturing rotational molding products.

High Quality Control

Our product quality is controlled by our senior engineer and quality controller together,the engineer can provide best solution to improve our pass rate.

Who We Are?

Ningbo Fly Plastic is a high-tech manufacturer established on 1997,specializing in manufacturing,researching and marketing rotational molding products. Fly Plastic business is made up of two parts,one is aluminum alloy mold casting, and the other is process custom products for our customers. In this case,our founder bought 13000 square space to built two workshops for developing his business. Now based on our high quality and competitive pricing, we have built our business all over the world. You will feel the best service in Fly Plastic if you choose.


Fast response,good price and professional service,which makes me so satisfied with Fly Plastic. At present,we have cooperated more than 5 years.

BrianProject Manager

Great service!Sometimes I should confirm the details of my project with previous supplier after 10 emails, but the Fly Plastic can provide the best solution within 3 emails.

LindaPurchasing Manager

I have many rotational molding projects every day and have worked with many Chinese molds suppliers,but just Fly Plastic service can let me feel the comfortable,whatever quality or delivery,even more the price.



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